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Don't Flush Away Cash: 4 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Toilet

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When you think about taking care of items in your home, the toilet is likely one of the last items you want to maintain. Still, not taking good care of your toilet can lead to higher costs and a toilet that no longer works. These tips can help you take better care of your toilet before you call your handyman.

1.  Learn how to detect a running toilet.

Running toilets cause a ton of problems, among them wasted energy and added monthly costs. Simply because you have a slow leak does not mean you are in the clear. That so-called "slow" leak is actually using plenty of water. If you notice the volume of water flowing, that's helpful. Otherwise, you may want to head for the food coloring. Drop a few drops in the water tank before bed. In the morning, take a look in the bowl. If the bowl has color, your flapper is leaking.

2. Know what doesn't flush.

Every toilet clogs for a reason. It could be that you are flushing way too much toilet paper at once or that you are flushing items you shouldn't be. Sanitary napkins, tampons, paper towels, and contraceptives should never go down the toilet. Next time you have a clog, grab the plunger and dislodge it quickly.

3. Check for damage and cracks.

Every few months, you should check the tank's hoses for cracks. Hoses tend to last just five years, or slightly longer depending on the material. Plastic hoses tend to last about three years. Make sure water isn't slipping through.

4. Clean the siphon jets regularly.

The siphon jets should be cleaned at least once each year, but preferably more if your toilet gets a lot of use. You can tell that the jets are dirty when your bowl has vertical discoloration. You can clean these jets by shutting off the water supply and flushing once. Dump a gallon of water in the bowl and flush the rest of the water away. You will then be able to find the jets under the rim of the toilet. You may need a mirror to do this. Use a small nylon brush and all-purpose cleaner to clean the holes.

Taking care of a toilet is relatively pain-free. If you do experience any trouble with your toilet, get in touch with a professional handyman such as HSA Handyman Services who can ensure that your toilet is in fine working condition.